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  • In order to promote the national implementation of the BWC, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy(MOTIE) works in close cooperation with Korea Biotechnology Industry Organization (KoreaBIO). Under the authority of the MOTIE, KoreaBIO has been assisting national implementation of the BWC in Korea before and after the enactment of the CBWPA in 2007.

  • KoreaBIO project in national implementation of the BWC consists 3 main areas ; 1) international cooperative activities for fulfillment of duties under the BWC, such as participate in the annual meetings of the BWC as an adviser and supporting of the report on Confidence Building Measures, 2) offering supports for national implementation of the BWC and strengthening of response capabilities, 3) and raising awareness and giving information on the BWC and CBWPA to the institutes and facilities concerned. Especially, since 67 kinds of biological agents (human, animal and plant pathogens) and toxins listed in the CBWPA that can be used dual purposes ; in the manufacture of biological weapons as well as in the industry and academic areas for peaceful purposes, such as development and manufacture of vaccines and other drug products, we have been focusing on the activities to improve the biosafety and biosecurity control level in industry, academic and research facilities.

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  • KoreaBIO is important link between government and non-government sectors to encourage the industry and academic world to actively participate in national implementation of the BWC. Such active participation of the industry and academia may be one of the most effective ways to assure reinforced national implementation. Furthermore, it may promote scientific and technological development in the field of the BWC.